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ProGrow Farms Ltd.

Our Facility

Growing High Quality Cannabis

At ProGrow Farms we strive to grow the best cannabis possible for our groups of partners in Canada and overseas, with the plans to move to two levels of growth on the same footprint and start packaging our own brands to place our products on the market.

Thanks to our small group of close investors, we have built out our facility and are on our way to growing our product line. Check in often to see what new strains we are working on!


Our Story

From the ground up

The founder of ProGrow Farms started growing back in 2005 under the MMAD program for a small group of people in need of medical cannabis. In 2015 he helped a Standard Licence producer move through the licensing phase and then left to start his own in 2019. It was a long road of planning out the building and finding the right site to build on, and then when the shovels hit the ground shortly after Covid 19 came in with all the restrictions that slowed down the building of the site. But with a great small group of investors and family and friends, ProGrow Farms pushed on and is on its way to producing high-quality cannabis!

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